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Platforms Do It For Me

Now for the Do-it-for-Me solution. We’ve found that this option is the winner for most people, and that’s why it’s our favorite. If you’re not up to the challenge of building your own site and if you’re looking for something more affordable and reliable then a freelancer, then read on.


You're Not doing it yourself.

Choose this option and you’re letting a team of digital marketing experts do the work for you. No countless hours wasted trying to do it all yourself. You’re left to focus on your business. 

try it for free.

With this option, you get to test-drive before you buy by getting a free membership trial. So if you’d don’t like what you see, you’re not obligated to buy.

you still have control.

With this kind of service, you’re brought in to give feedback so you remain in control of how your site looks and feels. You get to share your vision and your team is there to make it happen.

cut the waiting time.

You’re working with a team that knows what it takes to build a great site and get it online fast so it can start making you money. That means less waiting time and a live site in as short as 3–5 business days.

digital tools for the win.

With this model, you’re given a suite of tools that help you manage your online presence. We’re talking social media publishing, competition tracking, reputation management, easy editing tools, and more at no extra cost.

24/7 support.

No waiting by the phone for a call back. Take advantage of live chat, personal support agents, and help whenever you need it. And that still applies after your site is live so that you can make edits and constantly improve your site.

sEO Support. Yes Please.

You’re not just working with a team that knows how to make a pretty site. You get to take advantage of ongoing support from people who know everything there is to know about SEO. Work with them to make your site a search stand out.



it's not the cheapest.

This option is cheaper than a freelancer but more expensive than DIY (think $99–199 per month). If you’re tempted by cheaper options, just remember: You get what you pay for.

add-ons come at a cost.

With this service you’ll have access to various add-ons (copywriting, custom video, etc). But this does come at an added cost. These are also completely optional if you’d rather just stick to a simple website package.

expect a contract.

Since these services work based on a membership model, you can expect a contract, usually anywhere from 6 months to 1 year. It’s how they keep their services affordable.

some limitations exist.

These platforms use dynamic blocks to make website build time and cost efficient. What’s that mean? It means you may run into a few design limitations.


If you can’t tell already, this model won us over. Sure, it’s not the cheapest one out there, but working with a team that you can trust to deliver. How do you put a price on that? Check out our take on DIY platforms and freelancers.